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Premier Insurance Litigation Firm

The unfair manner in which insurance companies treat their policyholders and the people who must make claims on those policies is the reason for our commitment to you. Unfortunately, many individuals have experienced abuse at the hands of the insurance industry during the most vulnerable time of their lives. The Simoes Law Group, located in Deland, Florida, sees in many of its clients its own family members: a father seeking to have the insurance company pay his disability claim after an accident has left him unable to provide for his family; a mother whose insurance carrier denied medical benefits making it impossible for her to receive a surgical procedure that would improve her quality of life and enable her to better care for her children; a son or daughter who needs a nominal amount of therapy to recover from a motor vehicle accident, but is unable to obtain this care due to the insurance company's discontinuation of medical benefits. Additionally, as an experienced insurance litigation attorney, Kimberly Simoes has successfully defended numerous medical providers against insurance companies asserting claims for reimbursement or accusing the medical provider of fraud.

A Reputation for Excellence and Commitment

With extensive experience in the litigation arena representing policyholders and medical providers, we have learned that the key to success is an unwavering dedication to our clients. We never deviate from our philosophy of working closely with our clients, getting to know them, and understanding their individual concerns and goals as we proceed through the litigation process.

Contact The Simoes Law Group and learn more about what we can do for you. Whether you live in Daytona Beach or Orlando, Orange County, Seminole County, Hillsborough County or anywhere in the State of Florida, we're happy to conference with you and together determine if we can be of assistance with your insurance problem. Let us help you because, in the courtroom, your ultimate success depends on the quality of your legal representation.

We Will Go the Extra Mile

As a law firm of family members, we believe in personalized service. You will never have a case manager handling your file because we do not permit non-attorneys to handle our client's important legal matters. Your lawyer walks every mile of your case – with you. Your worries are our worries and we understand the importance of dependability, trust and dedication. Your success is our success.

We understand that the hiring of a lawyer is an important decision. It is even more important when recovery of your medical benefits or lost wages from the insurance company is dependent upon your choice. Since the insurance industry has become more and more aggressive in its denial of policyholders’ legitimate claims, the selection of your legal advocate is critical. If you have any insurance questions, contact The Simoes Law Group for a free consultation. We will give it to you straight so you can make an informed decision regarding your insurance issues.