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Our Policyholder Litigation Practice

The Simoes Law Group represents Florida policyholders in the following areas:

A denial by the insurance company can take many different forms. The company may contend that your insurance policy does not cover your type of loss or that you have failed to provide adequate information to verify the claim. Other times the denial is based upon allegations that your insurance policy had lapsed or that you were untruthful in the application process thereby allowing the insurance company to void your insurance policy. Most prevalent, however, is the insurance company's assertion that you were not injured or that your injuries do not substantiate payment for the claim. The lawyers at The Simoes Law Group have recovered payment for our clients after the insurance companies asserted each of these excuses for non-payment of benefits.

The attorneys at The Simoes Law Group are committed to making the law work for you. In the State of Florida if a policyholder is required to sue his or her own insurance company and is successful in obtaining policy benefits, often the insurance company must pay the policyholder's legal fees. At The Simoes Law Group we provide a free consultation where we will evaluate the merits of your insurance claim. If you decide to retain our services, we will recover our fees only when we win your case.

Contact our office to schedule an appointment; we would be honored to meet with you and learn about your case. For more information regarding our successful representation of Florida policyholders and for a list of referrals, contact the office of The Simoes Law Group.

Our Representation of Medical Providers

The Simoes Law Group represents medical providers when the insurance company will not compensate them for valuable medical services provided to Florida policyholders. Commonly referred to as "PIP Litigation" this complex and fluid area of law is a minefield for the medical practitioner. When faced with a lawsuit for recovery of unpaid benefits, the insurance companies often will assert a counterclaim against the medical practitioner asserting violations of licensing, administrative or statutory provisions. The Simoes Law Group has extensive experience with these novel and complex insurance company defenses to the payment of legitimate claims.

For more information regarding our representation of Florida Medical providers and a list of referrals, contact the office of The Simoes Law Group.