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Our Representation of Medical Professionals

When you have been sued by an insurance company, your greatest asset is your legal representative. The insurance companies know which lawyers have experience handling medical provider fraud actions and which do not. The insurance companies also know which lawyers will handle these matters through trial and the appellate process.

Kimberly Simoes has defended numerous actions filed by insurance companies against medical providers and has been active in the development of this emerging area of law in the State of Florida. Assisting medical providers during an aggressive attack by an insurance company requires an appreciation for what our clients are going through. With our extensive experience in representing medical providers, both before and after litigation has ensued, we have intimate knowledge of what is required when our clients are the target of affirmative legal action by an insurance company.

Insurance Companies are Often the Aggressor

When an insurance company sues a medical professional the defense is never boilerplate. Having successfully defended numerous medical providers against an onslaught of claims by various insurance companies, we have a unique knowledge of what it takes to be successful. A proper investigation and defense of any action brought by an insurance company demands an understanding of the facts, legal arguments and positions asserted by the insurance carrier. At The Simoes Law Group we insist upon an intimate understanding of the medical, billing, and business aspects of the facility. We will then evaluate the insurance company's claims so you can make an informed decision.

An Aggressive Defense

An aggressive assault by an insurance company requires an aggressive defense, and knowing what to do and where to start is critical. We look at each case in great detail, analyzing the facts and the insurance company's basis for bringing the action. For example, in a medical fraud case filed by Direct General, Kimberly Simoes has filed a Counterclaim on behalf of the medical provider alleging discriminatory claims-handling practices and illegal targeting of providers that serve the Haitian community. The Counterclaim alleges that Direct General has altered its normal claims-handling practices and has instituted more stringent adjusting standards for claims submitted by individuals of Haitian descent. This is one example of the specific and individualized attention we give every medical provider.

If you have been sued or believe you are the target of an insurance company's investigation, call The Simoes Law Group. We will discuss your claim and provide you with a list of referrals so that you can make an informed choice regarding the defense of your practice. To discuss the successful results we have achieved for our medical provider clients, please contact The Simoes Law Group.